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Artful conversation is lost these days. I met a friend the other day, we have not seen each other for quite awhile.  It was a disaster from start to end!  We decided to do this over lunch.  We met at the famous Cheesecake Factory.  It is usually busy from lunch break crowd and grandmas meeting daughters and grandkids.  We managed to grab a table and we were asked our drinks and we moved on to updates.

I never got to mine!  All she kept blabbing about was her new boyfriend, her new car, and the nail salon that charges an arm and a leg for her fake nails!

I had so much I wanted to share, my ups, my downs and my new found freedom in the past year. No way!  She could not stop talking.  She did not even eat her salad, she had it packed to go.  I of course enjoyed my salad, the bread basket, desert and coffee.  I had nothing to pack to go!

After 2 hours of this wonderful one sided conversation she Ta Ta me and left me with the wonderful compliment of paying the check!

Went home deleted all her information out of my digital electronics, and the phone book!

Credit for image @pinrest.com