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“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”~Audrey Hepburn

Out of the blue I re-connected with a friend I had not seen since 2002 when her husband passed away.  In those days is was an acquaintance friendship.  I stumbled upon her and her friend having lunch, I was envited to join them and we started a closer friendship that we had.  We spent holidays and sometimes weekends  together.  I met a new line of friends through her and it was a wonderful connection for a year.  A friend of hers who lived in Rhode Island re-connected with her after years of silence.  This lady was a lady of means and they started to travel together, my friend as her companion all expence paid.

On one occasion I was invited or rather I had plans with my friend and she invited her friend. I couldn’t say no, she even offered to pay for her friend.  I am a gracious friend even if I couldn’t afford it I picked up the tab.  There was a difference in the atmosphere when the 3 of us were together. If we were having lunch and I happened to introduce a subject, my friend would nastily answer me and cut me short.  If her friend would attempt any conversation with me to expand the aquientience, my friends would get green with envy. At times, when I am at my most sensitive, is almost as if I can read the thoughts of others.  This helps me to understand people better, and get close to them in ways that other people cannot.  Sometimes, though this works against me.  Her friend was trying to establish a friendship with all 3 of us. My friends did not want me in the picture and cutting in on her privileges with her friend.  This gift of mine this time worked against me.  I picked up the negative vibrations of my friend.

Two months passed by and no word of her and her friend.  Then one day she called to tell me all about her trips to Florida, The Bahamas, Rhode Island and Canada. She wanted to meet me for lunch and hope if I did not mind if she brought her friend.  I excused myself to prior plans and told her I will call her when I have some free time.  She started calling at work even though she had my cell number. Her mode of operation is kind of funny she calls and starts talking to anyone who answers about your stuff without realizing who she’s talking to.  My coworker became her friend in matter of weeks.  Then I found out she used to call to ask things about me.  I had cut the communication all together with her. I had received a true picture of our friendship and realized she had found better game and she did not want me poaching.

My friend threw me away for a meal ticket and social standing, I felt used and hurt.  I feel better about it now. I can write it and laugh at it, and that is the best of it. Will I be careful in choosing my friends? Ho yes! I will not throw away the chance of friendship but I will be assidious of any attempts.

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