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I woke up today with the idea I can be happy!
Then I start to listen to conversations, and phone calls and I wonder if I am in the Twilight Zone!


I start to think positive thoughts! It is not helping!  My friend or I think she is my friend is in  spych ward and calls me screaming and yelling she can’t take it anymore and starts dumping all her anger and furstration and her helplessness.  After two hour of this onesided conversation ” got to go lunch is here!”.
My old friend or should I say ancient friend from scross the way walked over to tell me all about her abuse from her kids. Apperantly if her son went away for his birthday with his first family for the weekend is not a great thing in her book. Then he decides to celebrate with his current family (second devorce) on Tuesday over his mother’s house made her unhappy. When she heard he’s celebrating with his girlfriend on Thursday (today) she got all upset, hence me!  She told me she needed someone to vent!  She has everything, her children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, her home except her mind.
She doen’t remember happiness.

Than it leaves me. How can I be happy with all this turmoil around me?

I cannot to close the world out I need tbe connection.
For today I will strive to be happy!