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I love the person I have become, because I fought to become her~Kaci Diane

Time passes, you look around you and realize that in this moment you are not who you were 6 months ago. I have spent this time well. 
New friends have come into my life and old ones have closed doors behind them.
My thoughts have been purged to a box of memories never to be opened again. Like morning there are new thoughts to process.
Every morning as I drink my coffee and stare out my window, I think of all the endless possibilities this new day will bring. I smile for I feel refreshed!

“Breathe” and the whole day is before you with another adventure to bring me life.
If there is no movement of thoughts and body you invite death to come knocking at your door. 
No stagnation, no waiting for tomorrow, no waiting for that knock! 
I Run to the joy of living
I Run to embrace the trees
I Run to warm my feet in the sand
I Run to the light of love within me