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A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except how to grow in rows~Doug Larson

There I am a weed!  I never followed the crowed always had to stomp away, and imprint my foot steps. This always created a path for disaster. In my mature age, I finally realized why.

It was not the path I chose that made me unhappy but the thoughts of it.

~The primary cause of unhappines is never the situation but your thoughts about it~Eckart Tolle

I was happy when I chose and still happy! But!  Yes But!  There is someone who always has to have an opinion, a judgement look and worst make trouble for you for not conforming to the way of things.
All my life I have been combatting these creatures.  They are still there. But! Guess what no more. I finally realized how happy I am just the way I am. So, even though I did not turn out as I or everyone thought I should have, could be, I am. And I had help along the way!