~I’m sorry if you don’t like my honesty. But to be fair I do not like your words~

I was awarded, then I awarded, then I started to read comments on my site and on the sites of my nomanees. I was disappointed by the over zelus word commentator. They refused, they said they are tired of awards, they are removing their awards from their blogs and ended with I hope we are still friends.  Image the poor blogger who I nominated to receive these words and not even congratulations!  Someone else, posted ” I don’t do awards, I’m too busy posting and answering important comments!” Da! Da! 
I was born during the Emily Post time, yes I’m that ancient! But I always was curtious, compassionate, happy for my fellow human and always polite!  I am a creature of by-gone days, sometimes it served me and at times it made me a victim, but I always had integrety.

“There is nothing more classy or powerful than showing grace to someone who deserves it or not.~ my grandmother, born late 1800.

If my grandmother was blogging, and came across a fellow blogger who received an award, she would congratulate them, not be envious! Because the new blogger got it and not 1000 follower blogger. If she received it but doesn’t want imprints of blog awards on their blog theme, she would thank them and move on… Or she would thank them and create an award page and post it there. But most of all she would show comadary and joy for you and her community that an individual took time and effort to honor you and she was slappled with comments, remarks and rude refusals all cross her site and her nomanies!
There is no apology here, just disappontment for those who use words to hurt not inspire!